The Rio Grande Rift System extends from New Mexico through the San Luis Valley and upper Arkansas Valley to near Leadville. This area is characterized by recent volcanic activity, tension faults, thermal springs, thermal aquifers, and high regional heat flow. In the San Luis Valley ther are over 40 known gerthermal wells that free flow, with temperatures ranging from 72 degrees to 120 degrees F. The average depth of the artesian wells are around 800 feet. The water for the wels comes from teh confined aquifers deep undergournd. The geothermal waters are used for heating hooes and businesses; providing hot water for commercial showers, laundries and swimming pools; as a source of heat for hog farrowing operations; and as a source of warm water for fish aquaculture. The hot water is blended with water in stock tanks and ponds to keep the water open in winter months. Geothermal wells are an ideal environment for allligators and the Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca.