Lessons – Art: Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area


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Title: Analyzing Family Photographs as Primary Sources

Categories: Art, Culture, Family, Hispano History, People
Audience: Kindergarten, but can easily be adapted for other grade levels.
Lesson Overview: Students will orally analyze primary source photographs of past and present family members. Students will bring photographs of their great grandparents, grandparents and parents. They will each get a Picture/Photograph Analysis Sheet to analysis their photos. Students will use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast photographs of family members past and present.
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Title: Historical Picture Analysis

Lesson Categories: Hispanic History, Land, Art
Audience: Grades 1-2
Lesson Overview: Through a variety of primary sources, students will practice analyzing skills to understand how Latinos have had an impact on Colorado’s farming industry. Students will create a poster.
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Title: Identity Quilt

Lesson Topic(s): Culture/Identity Issues
Categories: Hispano History, Art, Spanish Language
Audience: Grades 9-12
Lesson Overview: During this unit of study, we will explore the meaning of identity vocabulary for a culturally and linguistically diverse student. The students complete an identity square that is made into a classroom quilt. View files : .pdf .docx