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Title: Cesar Chavez’s Role in the Delano Grape Boycott and the Role of Child Labor in Agriculture Historically and Today: Looking for Solutions

Categories: Community, Culture, Economic Activity, Family, Hispano History, Land & Farming
Audience: Grade 1, but can easily be adapted for other grade levels.
Lesson Overview: Through a variety of primary sources, students will practice analyzing skills to understand how Latinos and children have had an impact on Colorado’s and the nation’s farming industry. Students will create a poster on Cesar Chavez and the role he played in the farming industry.
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Categories: Community Activism, Culture, Economic Activity, Hispano History, Historic Places, People
Audience: Grades 6 – 8
Lesson Overview: La Sociadad de las Mujeres de el SPMDTU.
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Title: Workers Movements and Civil Rights Activity

Categories: Community Activism, Hispano History
Audience: Grade 10
Lesson Overview: For this lesson students will research different time periods, places, and events involving early Hispanic workers’ movements and Latino/ Chicano Civil Rights activities. Students will be expected to choose at least two different time periods (e.g., early 20th century or 1960s and the present) and create two different “protest” posters for each time period. Students will create a total of four protest posters that include a slogan and an image on the front and a detailed summary of the event on the back.
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