Title: History of SLV Celebrations

Categories: Culture, Hispano History, Native American History, People
Audience: Grade 3
Lesson Overview: Students will compare traditions in their community to traditions outside their community. Students will use their personal experience to connect to the curriculum. They will share their family culture and traditions to understand how groups of people connect to the environment.
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Title: Compare and Contrast Traditional Medicinal Plants and Remedies with Modern Western Medical Treatments: a personal, cultural connection to our environment.

Categories: Culture, Hispano History, Land & Farming, Native American History
Audience: Middle School
Lesson Overview: This lesson will focus on comparing and contrasting herbs and plants used
in historical medicinal remedies with modern medicines and remedies. It will also allow the evaluation of the environments these plants and herb are located in.
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Title: Oral Traditions in Antonito, CO

Categories: Culture, Historic Sites, Native American History
Audience: Grade 8
Lesson Overview: Antonito, CO: Local Mythology & Oral Traditions
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Title: Walking Back in Time

Categories: Archeology, Historical Sites, Land, Native American History, Water
Audience: Grade 4
Lesson Overview: Humans have inhabited Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve for at least 9,000 years. Analyze how human activities altered and affect the environment in Colorado. Learn that living conditions for those who inhabited the area have constantly changed over time.
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