Title: Analyzing Family Photographs as Primary Sources

Categories: Art, Culture, Family, Hispano History, People
Audience: Kindergarten, but can easily be adapted for other grade levels.
Lesson Overview: Students will orally analyze primary source photographs of past and present family members. Students will bring photographs of their great grandparents, grandparents and parents. They will each get a Picture/Photograph Analysis Sheet to analysis their photos. Students will use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast photographs of family members past and present.
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Title: History of SLV Celebrations

Categories: Culture, Hispano History, Native American History, People
Audience: Grade 3
Lesson Overview: Students will compare traditions in their community to traditions outside their community. Students will use their personal experience to connect to the curriculum. They will share their family culture and traditions to understand how groups of people connect to the environment.
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Title: Family Detective

Categories: Culture, Hispano History, People
Audience: Grades 3 to 5
Lesson Overview: This lesson will help students understand how the culture of our area has been shaped by various cultures around the world. It will help them to gain an understanding/appreciation of immigration and the cultures of their ancestors, as well as other cultures.
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Title: La Raza: Who Am I? Where Am I From? Exploring Latino History in Colorado with English Language Learner Students

Categories: Culture, Hispano History, People
Audience: High School English Language Learner
Lesson Overview: Studying the Past–Who are you? What made you? Research and present three topics of interest from your/the past using La Raza videos and make connections with San Luis Valley Latino History. Beginning of the school year unit to get to know long-term English Language Learner [ELL] students and have them get to know themselves.
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Title: Labor and Working Conditions for Latinos, 1920s-1970s

Categories: Hispano History, People
Audience: High School
Lesson Overview: Students will investigate working conditions and relationships between workers and land/company owners in various occupations. This lesson would fit well during a unit on Industrialization, Muckraking and/or Progressivism.
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Title: Latino Impact on Farming

Categories: Hispano History, Land & Farming, People
Audience: Grades 1 & 2
Lesson Overview: Through a variety of primary sources, students will practice analyzing skills to understand how Latinos have had an impact on Colorado’s farming industry. Students will create a poster.
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Categories: Community Activism, Culture, Economic Activity, Hispano History, Historic Sites, People
Audience: Grades 6 – 8
Lesson Overview: La Sociadad de las Mujeres de el SPMDTU.
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Title: Analyzing Photographs of Colorado’s Mining History

Categories: Land & Farming, People
Audience: Grades 4 – 6, but can easily be adapted for other grade levels
Lesson Overview: Students will analyze primary source photographs of mining history in Colorado. Students will complete a primary source analysis tool of the mining photographs. The goal of this lesson is that students analyze the primary source photographs to gain an idea of the life of mine workers in Colorado. The final product is an expository paragraph about the life of mine workers.
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Title: The Life of a Migrant Worker: Before, During, and After

Categories: Culture, People
Audience: : Grades 6 – 8
Lesson Overview: During this unit of study, middle school students will investigate, using primary sources, the life of migrant workers in their communities. After finding resources, the students will record anmock “interview” between a migrant worker and a reporter that answers the questions: 1. Why did you come? 2. What did you find and experience? 3. How is your life now?
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