Partners and volunteers are an important part of the success of the Sangre de Cristo National Heritage Area. Heritage areas are centered around the communities and people that comprise it. Partnership and collaboration help us work toward shared goals of our heritage area and local organizations. Volunteers complement these efforts by providing thousands of volunteer hours each year, for projects that might otherwise be impossible. As a volunteer, your work is invaluable and, as you’ll discover, with volunteering comes camaraderie and the satisfaction of knowing your contribution matters.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Research and Education Volunteers

Research and Education Volunteers can research and document information in different media forms, give an interview for our oral histories project, assist on archeology projects, mapping, historical preservation, field trips and youth camps. Volunteers tell stories about their historical or cultural preservation work, family history, ethnic traditions, agricultural work, or culture.

Office Administrative Volunteers-

Office volunteers can assist with scanning historical documents and photos, organizing research materials, day to day administrative duties.

Event Volunteers-

Event Volunteers can assist with the creation of decorations, handing out information, providing donated food/drink, set up and tear down, presenting historical and cultural information or performances to the community.

Board Service–

Our Board of Directors are Volunteer Positions.

If you are interested in volunteering with SdCNHA and/or its partner organizations, please email us at about upcoming opportunities.