National and State Historic Register

Garcia School

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The Garcia School is located in the original location of the Plaza de Los Manzanares, which was settled in 1849. It is one of only a couple original territorial adobe buildings that remains and

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Fort Garland

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Built in 1858, the adobe fort served as a base of military operations in the San Luis Valley until 1883. Lt. Kit Carson commanded the fort from 1866-1867, entertaining great names like Cheif Ouray

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The Sociedad Proteccion Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos (S.P.M.D.T.U.) Lodge Hall in Chama, Colorado was built in ca. 1920. It was considered significant for its contr

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St. Joseph’s Church

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Saint Joseph’s Church was considered significant for its contribution to broad patterns of history for the Hispanic and Catholic populations in Colorado. It also embodies distinctive archi

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Pike’s Stockade Site

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Located along the north bank of the Conejos River, the site marks the spot where, in 1807, Zebulon Pike raised the American flag over what was then Spanish territory. The site is now owned by

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McIntire Ranch

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the McIntire Ranch was established by Albert W. McIntire, who was elected Governor of Colorado in 1895, and his wife Florence, who divorced in 1898. The McIntire Ranch has shows important layout

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